2018 USA Biz 42 Million Records 155 Columns of Data, Credit Score, Phone, Email, Fax, Executives Contact Info

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2018 USA Biz 42 Million Records Credit Score, Phone, Email, Fax, Company Executives Contact Info Plus the Following details if available.

Name Company Address Address2 City State Zip Zip4 Zip9 Latitude Longitude County Area_Code Telephone_Number Toll_Free_Number Fax_Number Contact_Gender Title_Code_1 Title_Code_2 Title_Code_3 Title_Code_4 Ethnic_Code Ethnic_Group Language_Code Religion_Code Web_Address Total_Employees_Corp_Wide Total_Revenue_Corp_Wide NAICS_1 NAICS_2 NAICS_3 NAICS_4 MinorityOwned SmallBusiness LargeBusiness HomeBusiness ImportExport PublicCompany Headquarters_Branch StockExchange FranchiseFlag IndividualFirm_Code SIC8_1 SIC8_1_2 SIC8_1_4 SIC8_1_6 StockTicker FortuneRank ProfessionalAmount ProfessionalFlag Ad_Size FemaleOwnedorOperated CityPopulation ParentForeignEntity WhiteCollarCode GovernmentType Residential_Business_Code Email Title_Full Phone_Contact Other_Company_Name Credit_Score Title_Code_1_Desc Title_Code_2_Desc