2016.4 Consumer 140 Million Records All With A Phone Number. Home Owner Info, Credit Score Plus Many Other Details Updated 10-19-2016

2016.4 Consumer 140 Million Records All Have A Phone Number. Home Owner Info, Email Address, Credit Score Plus Many Other Details Updates 10-19-2016

You can choose filters such as age, buying habits, Credit, homeowners, etc. Start closing more deals with our sales leads
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2016.4 Consumer 140 Million records All with phone number. Email Address Home Owner Info, Credit Score, Email Address Cell Phone Plus Many Other Details Updated 10-19-2016

CSV files separated by state. All records have phone numbers. 50 Miillion records have email address etc.; Many times members of the house hold can have the same phone number and/or email address. Also available in a SQL database or just about any other format

First name , middle initial , last name , title of respect, street name, street suffix, primary address, secondary address, state, ZipCode Zip_4, msa ,county code, county name, city name abbr, city name, carrier_route, latitude, longitude, time zone, dwelling type, living unitid, Phone, estimated income code, home owner probability model , number of persons in living unit, presence of children, gender, date of birth year, date of birth month, date of birthday, exact age, marital status, occupation group, person occupation, ethnic code, language code, ethnic group, religion code, hispanic country code , person education, business owner, Number Of Adults, Presence Of Credit Card, Presence Of BankCard, Gas Dept Retail CardHolder, Credit Rating, investment investment,stock securities, Networth, Number Of Lines Of Credit, Credit_Range,Of,New Credit, Investing_Active, Investments Personal, Investments Real Estate, Investing Finance Grouping, Investments Foreign, Investment Estimated Residential Properties Owned, Assimilation Codes, traveler pets cats dogs mail responder, sweepstakes, religious contributor, political contributor, health_institution contributor, charitable general contributor, donates to environmental causes, donates by mai,l veteran in household, HeavyBusinessTravelers, high tech leader, Smoker, Mail Order Buyer, Online Purchasing Indicator, Environmental Issues, Charitable Donation, Internationa lAid ,Charitable Donation ,Political Charitable Donation , Political Conservative, Charitable Donation, Political Liberal Charitable Donation, Veterans Charitable Donation, Charitable Donations,_Other home swimming pool indicator air conditioning, home heat indicator, Name, Email Address